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Estelle Brodeur, MS, PMHCNS-BC, ACC

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"ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a distinct service and differs greatly from therapy, consulting, mentoring or training. Individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision-making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles." (ICF, 2010)

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December 28, 2010


Winter Greetings!


While at a friend's party over the holiday, I was asked to write about what can best be described as post-holiday season self-care. I recognize that some folks thrive in the colder months. So, perhaps, what can we do to increase warmth--emotional, physical, spiritual-- in our lives? I'm going to propose some possibilities...



Bundle up. Wear a hat, scarf, gloves, warm socks, fur-lined boots...this allows you to do the next thing on the list in comfort!


Play outside. Exercise increases levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This helps increase feelings of well-being.


Stick to a meaningful routine. Our bodies appreciate regularity. Join the YMCA. Spend the first 5 minutes of your morning without television, phone, email. Listen to the quiet of the winter air.


Get in bed 15 minutes earlier.  Be mindful of what you watch on your electronic devices...especially late at night. Your body needs wind down time in the evenings, and this is not happenin' on your phone or computer. If you have a television in your bedroom, consider moving it to another room. I once heard that bedrooms are for two things only: sleeping and making love.


Get 20 minutes of sunlight a day on your face. This allows your pineal gland deep in your brain to absorb the benefits of sunlight.


Drink comforting warm drinks such as a favorite herbal tea with honey. Try taking the ice out of your water and put a lemon in it. Winter hydration gives us energy and keeps our skin heathly too. 


Reach out to friends. Social support is an essential health booster. This can mean having ONE friend you can speak your real truth with.


Look for meaning in your work, your family, a cause, serving others. You may be making more of an impact than you think.


Prepare for spring. Practice hope and ask for help, guidance, and support when you need it.


 Celebrate, because you can. Why wait until the next holiday?

Wishing You Well This Holiday Season

What did you incorporate in your daily life this year that you'd like to bring into 2011? 

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