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Estelle Brodeur, MS, PMHCNS-BC, ACC

Life Coach 

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February 22, 2011

Estelle's blog





February Greetings!


So, given that February is the month of love, how about self-love? 


One of the ways we can love ourselves is by underpromising. Yes, that's right, underpromising! In my coursework and mentoring with master coach, Linda Bark, of AsOne Coaching Institute, I learned to embrace this concept. Many of us overpromise, especially if we are goal-oriented in the first place, or have tendencies toward perfectionism (I often say I am a recovering perfectionist). We know that most of New Year's resolutions are mostly not attained. Why? Perhaps the goal is too big, unmeasureable, or we haven't really considered it thoroughly. For example,  are we clear on the reasons why we want a certain goal? What will keep us encouraged?


Underpromising refers to the process of making attainable, small, yet meaningful steps toward change. We often need someone in our life to help us get clear on what that change is, how to get there, cheer us on so we keep moving forward, ask us questions which further this process. 


Who will be your buddy or partner in this year of change? How can you give yourself permission to make a small step forward?  Even the smallest shift in awareness, perspective, behavior, attitude can make a tremendously powerful impact.


So, this month, the month of love, would you like to try the self-gift of underpromising?





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I coach clients in person or over the phone, in town, out of town


I share a suite with four talented colleagues:
Debbie Daniels-Mohring
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
A Karen Touch Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, LLC
Peterson Nutrition and Fitness
Teresa Tivenan
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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Today, may you find generative, life-affirming energy and courage. May you move toward your potential!