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Estelle Brodeur, MS, PMHCNS-BC, ACC

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January Mantra


What is a phrase this month that brings your new intention to the forefront?


How about something meaningful, prayerful, simple, pleasing to you?


Is the phrase easily repeated? Does it bring softness to your heart and mind?



for frustration-"cast off judgement"


for insecurity- "I am free to love and be loved"


for temper-"I choose peace"


public speaking- "calm and confident"


deadline/ creativity nosedive-"No limits"


the above mantras are by

Tracy Latz, M.D.


Shift For Women


thank you m




January 27, 2011

Estelle's blog





 2011 Greetings!


How is your new year, so far? So much is in the media about resolutions this time of year--especially weight loss and exercise. Since it's the end of January, perhaps today is a good day to check in with yourself and take inventory. Your goal may not include weight loss and exercise, but something else that's important in your life that you'd like to shift--whether big or small.


Taking inventory is in many ways, a reality check. What are your greatest personal assets? Are these reflected in your daily life? Do you allow others to see these qualities, talents, or skills? Who might you talk with about this? Who is in your circle of support? 


This time of year, if we choose to take inventory, I think it's especially important to be with others who lift us up and believe in our dreams, and speak the truth to us. How about calling someone that you can talk this over with? Really laugh with? So what if you haven't seen them in awhile?


Know that any small action step toward your goal marks movement. For example, increments of measurement are often powerful; there is a big difference between running 0.5 mile and 1.0 mile, for example, if you are beginning to run or walk and exercise is new. What's going to get you a little out of your comfort zone and begin this process of observing your life, seeing what's really working and what is clearly not?


After your inventory, consider these quotes for inspiration, or use your own. If you like, place them on a sticky note or your electronic devices, in order to keep momentum up each day.  




 Eleanor Roosevelt

 "Do one thing every day 

that scares you"


Mike London, University of Virginia football coach

"Confidence is evidence of demonstrated performance"



So, breathe, take your inventory, breathe again, get out there, admit you are human, breathe again, and give the world your gifts, whatever they may be. Go for it.








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2200 Pump Road Suite 220
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I share a suite with four talented colleagues:
Debbie Daniels-Mohring
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
A Karen Touch Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, LLC
Peterson Nutrition and Fitness
Teresa Tivenan
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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Today, may you find generative, life-affirming energy and courage