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Monday July 18th

Monday July 25th





Riverside PACE-MacTavish 


1300 MacTavish Ave

Richmond, VA 23230  


Riveside PACE-MacTavish is located in a beautifully renovated building on the corner of MacTavish Ave and W. Marshall St. in the Scott's Addition district. For more about the PACE program, click on the link


Laughter Yoga Richmond






Because PACE will be closed when we start laughing, it's helpful to know how many people may attend. The doors will be locked at 7:10pm. If you know you're attending, please register by sending me an e-mail  


If you decide to come and bring friends at the last minute that's OK too


Possible Benefits of Laughter Yoga



increased immune response


increased neuropeptides, our natural endorphins


decreased stress hormones such as cortisol


an increased sense of well-being (a "joy cocktail")


increased oxygenation


increased caring relationships


decreased anger


increased positive emotions, such as forgiveness


increased creativity, self-confidence, energy, optimism 


increased focus and concentration

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July 11, 2011




The more you laugh, the more you laugh.


I invite you to come and experience Laughter Yoga! And no, it's not comedy, although there is bountiful laughter! A sense of humor is not a pre-requisite to join the class! There are no yoga postures included in Laughter Yoga either (although I am a big fan of yoga in general). OK, so what the heck is Laughter Yoga?


In 1995, a physician named Dr. Madan Kataria , intrigued by existing mind body research citing the health benefits of laughter, endeavored to bring more joy to the people in his town. He began by telling jokes and laughing in a Mombai park with four people. After two weeks, the humor degenerated and no longer worked for the group, so Dr. Kataria sought other ways to encourage laughter. Thus, Laughter Yoga was born. Today, there are an estimated 15,000 laughter yoga clubs in 65 countries around the world!


Laughter Yoga is a unique form of exercise which combines creative laughter activities with yogic, or diaphragmatic breathing. During a group, with participants bringing an open mind, good eye contact, and willingness to engage in childlike playfulness, simulated laughter quickly turns into genuine, spontaneous laughter! Numerous groups worldwide in diverse settings, indoors and outdoors, gain benefits of Laugher Yoga---from the workplace, to prisons, schools, churches, senior centers, factories, and health centers, to name a few.


During my Laughter Yoga Leader Certification training, teachers Leigh Meredith and Jon Graznak shared the notion that this form of exercise gives our mind a break from itself. When I first attended a Laughter Yoga class earlier this year, I noticed afterward that I felt completely relaxed and joyful--similar to sensations after a great sweaty exercise routine. After all, I had laughed A LOT in 90 minutes and hadn't experienced much active thought. What a relief!


Laughter is important to me. Sometimes in our lives, and especially as adults, laughter seems to diminish (what I call the "laughter quotient"). The great thing about Laughter Yoga is it's ability to bring us together with others to laugh for no reason. What better way to build community, good will, health, and joy. HOHOHAHAHA


I look forward to laughing with you!




 One of Many Laughter Yoga Video Clips 



Thank you and big shout-out to Sarah
Broughton and Emily Osl of Riverside PACE-MacTavish for your incredible generosity and good heartedness